Superstar Medleys

Last night our baby boy woke up just about the time we had finished cleaning the kitchen and straightening the living room. We were ready & excited to watch the latest episode of The Sing Off...but those little cries demanded attention. I sent the SuperDad down to check on him, give him some water, and lay him back down. 

Obediently, SuperDad followed my instructions--but baby boy was not convinced that it was time for him to be sleeping. I could tell that the little guy wasn't going to make this easy so I asked SuperDad to bring him upstairs. I thought maybe he was teething and needed some extra attention or maybe...just maybe he knew we were about to watch some awesome a cappella performances and he didn't want to miss out.

Do you watch The Sing Off? 
You should.
This was one of my favorite performances from the episode (Queen medley).
Our favorite,  BYU's Vocal Point shows off their skills in this Elvis medley: Awesome.

Or, sit down & just watch the whole episode HERE.

I held little man for a bit and then felt overheated by babies (the bump is taking up more room than ever and baby boy just sprawls his soft-skinned limbs all over the place when he's tired), so I passed him off to SuperDad. He squirmed and wriggled out of those arms and back into mine. He turned his head from one side to the next until he found the perfect spot...nestled on my chest with his head perfectly cradled by my neck. His little body draped over the side, he seemed to be cuddling with his unborn sister.

As we sat there with the glow of the screen in the corner of the room, listening to fabulously arranged superstar medleys, the three of us cozy on the couch--the sweetness of the moment hit me. I was holding my littlest boy in my arms, my sweet baby girl cuddled perfectly inside, and SuperDad by my side. 

These are moments that never come back...

...unless we write them down...
our own superstar medley of memories.

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Linda said...

yes! the Queen medley was awesome and still proud of our homeboys...
I am looking out on my deck that looks so bedraggled after the hail brought down the leaves and pounced on my mums! maybe its time for squash soup/pumpkin puree! love the picture you painted of your snuggly family. Glad your hub is home this week!