Thankful Thursday: November 10, 2011

I fell asleep last night to the methodic hum of the dishwasher & clothes washer--mixing, swashing, churning in perfect harmony.

My babies sleeping soundly, I imagined their little noses and perfect lashes as I fell asleep. I said a quick prayer for them, the Mr., and the little girl growing inside. 

After I spread out the stacks of pillows and blankets to my liking (the challenge of comfort at 35 weeks preggo--quite the engineering feat to create the perfect sleeping nest), I listened.

Just listened.

Clothes washer.
Soft tick-tock of the wall clock.

Sweet silence.
Tangible quiet.
Comforting night.

I enjoyed it all the way until...I fell into dreamland.

...I'm thankful for quiet moments, good sleep & more!

I'm Thankful For:

-fleece pants

-hot chocolate

-6 days a week of mail delivery (will it last?)

-the way red toenails make me feel CUTE

-compliments from my J ("great job cleaning up, Mama!")

-amazing gifts of hand-me-downs (!!)

-thoughtful friends, and opportunities to BE a thoughtful friend

-homemade bread (5 minute Artisan Bread)

-people who have a natural way of making you feel good about yourself

-google (I mean, really. My last google? "Blueberry stain on shirt")

-people who put their carts in the corral at the store (!!)

-my super supportive OB (Today: "Are you still excited about your VBAC?!")

-fun photo shoots with friends

-finishing projects (all the hand-me-down girl clothes are organized & labeled in totes)

-new projects (the Mr. painted 2 coats of primer on the ridiculously-dark-green playroom/den 4 hours!)

-SUNLIGHT (and the two snow storms that just passed right by our Minnesota homestead)

-new babies (CONGRATULATIONS, Tara & Dennis!!) & birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ben & Reece!)

-night lights (not for me, I like it dark-dark)

-baby girl hiccups (and the moving-belly show that ensues!)

-baby boy steady steps (he begins to walk! 14 months!)

-big boy alphabets (writing, sounds, and connections!)

-new beginnings on a new day!

What's on your Thankful list today?

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Linda said...

fall day! crockpot soup!