Prayer Power

Confession: I am already listening to Christmas music.
I can't help myself, I love the energy of the holidays!

The more people I know and the longer I live, the more I realize that life is a continuous, crazy, beautiful series of UPS and DOWNS. Sometimes the downs seem lower than we would ever want to venture and sometimes we don't even recognize the ups or the stunning vistas they offer.

Over the last few weeks,  I have learned that various friends around the country are suffering losses. Job losses, miscarriage loss, cancer losses, broken marriage losses, and loss of quality of life through illness. These hearts are hanging heavy, hands are wringing with stress, and eyes are wet. 

I have tried to find ways to lift, alleviate, and extend compassion and love. I have sent cards & emails, made phone calls, taken meals, and given hugs (even virtual ones). In the end, I feel hopeless to change, solve, or fix any of these challenges. I add their heartaches to my pleading prayers.

I believe in the power of prayer.

I believe that life is not supposed to be easy (although sometimes we think it should?).

I believe that we can survive all of the downs, and there is a soothing energy in recognizing and rejoicing in the little miracles along the way.

I believe that God loves us, and wants the best for us. I have felt His love in my life, most especially perhaps--in the valleys that have formed part of my path.

Today my soul is full of thoughts and love for my friends who are trying to make sense of their various heartbreaks. My heart is full for the many, many more around the world who are aching for relief. May our prayers reach their heavy hearts.

Do you believe in the power of prayer?


Miles said...

I love your posts. Honestly, they all seem like little mini sacrament meeting talks.

In a recent R.S. conf., there were no workshops or crafts but rather 9 women were asked to speak on overcoming trials. The sisters spoke from battling breast cancer to losing a spouse, and to even being called as a seminary teacher.

EVERY single sister relied on the scriptures, prayers, and fasting to get them through the really tough times. One sister even mentioned that through her first round of chemo she could FEEL the prayers. She could physically feel the enormous amount of people praying for her. And, altho she couldn't feel it so much through her 2nd round, she was ok w/ it b/c she could tell the difference. It was a great conference and I'm leaving a lot out.

So, yes.. all that to say I DO believe in the power of prayer.

Linda said...

wow. Yes, I do. Very.