Thankful Thursday: December 15, 2011

If you don't follow my family blog... should.

Then you'd know why I didn't post this morning,
you'd know why my heart is OVERFLOWING 
with big, fluffy, Thankful thoughts
my mind and body are EXHAUSTED 
so I'm just going to say:

I am grateful for the best husband in the world, 
an amazing birth team, 
prayerful family and friends--
and the most beautiful princess I've ever seen.

We are blessed. 
We have felt the hand of the Lord in our lives this week.

Sweet miracles happen every day.
 I hope you're experiencing some of your own during this Christmas season.


1 comment:

Meghan said...

I am SO anxious to hear all about it!!! I have such an obsession with birth- especially natural births... and more especially natural, water births!!!! If I had your number I'd be tempted to call, but I'll let you rest. I need pointers and I have so many questions.