Thankful Thursday: December 8, 2011

Oh Thursday, I just love you!

I am needing some thankful meditation this morning; it's been an exhausting week. I haven't been sleeping well, mostly due to an insane urge to itch every.single.inch of my body. I've got bruises & scratches...but the worst part is the mental/emotional anxiety that comes with itching + lack of sleep.


I will now stop complaining & commence 
cruising my grateful heart...I'm thankful for:

-my sweet J who woke me up with the most darling voice this morning "Mama, Mama!"

-my darling Mr. who has been incredibly patient with my every whim and overall grouchy attitude
-my little N whose cuddles and giggles have brightened even the itchiest hour

-my tiny A whose graceful movements inside my belly remind me that this is all worth it
-warm breakfasts, tasty lunches, and family dinner time (the Mr. is in town for the rest of the year!)

-a cozy home with 2 couches for me to choose from when I'm bouncing around sleep-spots all night long
-the job that keeps us afloat

-our friends that are consistent, kind, giving, and thoughtful
-our families, far away but close in heart

-icicles hanging from our rooftop 

-Christmas music & white lights

-an organized drawer of baby girl clothes

-a slightly-dwindling To Do list (trying to keep it simple)

-the Savior of the world--whose sacrifice covers us all

I've got tons more buzzing in my head (one of the side effects of Thankful Thursday...the thoughts keep coming!), but this is all I have time for this morning. Thanks for joining me...

...your turn! 

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