Thankful Thursday: December 22, 2011

Can you believe that Christmas is only 3 days away?

I have a plump red stocking overflowing with gratitude,
which seems to be spilling out the top.

I'm talking

I'm Thankful For:

My Sweetheart--with me every step of the way (during labor & since!), master diaper-changer, ouch-soother, and baby cuddler. I am falling more in love with him as I watch him with our daughter.

My Firstborn--keeping things lively from morning 'till eve...seriously. He gives sweet kisses to the babe, helps clean up spills, and takes pride in his job of turning on the Christmas tree lights every morning.

My Secondson--sleeping in to let us all have a break, he knows how to keep a piece of his "baby" status. His toddle-walking makes us smile throughout the day and his enthusiastic "Hiiiiiii" can't help but make you smile.

My Girl--giving us reflex-smiles, nose nuzzles, and curled up cuddles...we are in heaven. She sleeps in solid stretches, soils diapers as she should, and gives new meaning to the word BEAUTIFUL.

My Family--my immediate, far-away, and in-laws...all who have given us gifts of love, encouragement, and pink frillies :) This week I'm especially grateful to have my parents & brother here for Christmas...and two keep the boys entertained while my body heals and we re-learn the newborn dance.

Everything Else--it's alot, really. Food in our cupboards, a job for the Mr., a warm home, comfortable clothes (a must for this postpartum Mama!), cars that work, Christmas cards in the mail, phone calls with friends, diapers...oh just all of it.

Above all.

I'm Thankful for 
a loving God
who gave His son
to heal our wounds
and push us to higher heights

I'm Thankful for
a trusting young Mary
who gave her life
to give us God's son
and save us from ourselves

I'm Thankful for
this time of year
that reminds us of the WHY
we try to do what we do
because HE was Bethlehem.

A very Thankful Christmas to you & yours!

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