Thankful Thursday: December 29, 2011

It's Thursday, the last one of the month, 
and the sun is going down in vibrant hues.

For me, December 2011 has kind of been a haze and can be wrapped up into two main categories: BEFORE and AFTER baby.

I mean, really--the two weeks before she came we were focused on finishing projects and getting everything lined up for her beautiful birth. And now, the two weeks since she came we have enjoyed the newborn cuddles, taking photos, and enjoying the holiday sparkles in between.

I can't believe this month is ending...vibrant hues & all. Furthermore, I can't believe this YEAR is coming to a close!

With all of these sunsets upon us...
some thankfulness is surely due.

I'm Thankful For:

-a magical Christmas holiday: complete with family in town, our new baby girl, and a special focus on the Savior

-my amazing & handsome husband who supports me in all of my dreams and wishes 

-our creative & inquisitive J whose animal sounds keep our zoo hoppin'

-our busy & cheerful N whose newfound freedom (can now go down the stairs by himself!) has added an extra element of adventure in our home

-our beautiful & cuddle-icious Miss N who has graced our lives with her sweetness

-Christmas lights & songs, I just love 'em

-the priceless moments of watching our kids on Christmas morning

-yummy holiday food...the sweets & savories...all GOOD

-my Mama's awesome cooking (since I haven't cooked a thing in the last two weeks since she has been here!)

-my Dad's seemingly endless energy to play with my boys

-my brother's patience and willingness to watch Dora the Explorer (over and over again)

-a speedy recovery from my first medication-free child birth experience

-our new VAN that will take us safely & comfortably from point A to point B  (yayyyy!)

-all of the many blessings that allow our family the comforts we enjoy

-a loving Father in Heaven who sent His Son to be our Savior--the best gift of all!

December is almost over...
...feeling Thankful?

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