Still Thursday, Still Thankful: Tender Mercies Edition

The nighttime routine has begun
One boy down, snuggled in freshly washed blankets
Another boy down, snuggled in between a favorite ferret & favorite kitty cat
One girl swinging in the kitchen: sway, sway, sway

The house is's as if nothing out of the ordinary happened today


-I'm congested
-I have a headache
-I didn't get to sleep until 2:30am 
-baby girl's hair is falling out
-J had several overly dramatic crying tantrums
-N threw up all over his bed (A FIRST FOR THIS MAMA!)
-N had a fever, rosy cheeks, and glossy eyes 
-N's bowels were loose...and were loosed again in the TUB
-the dishes were all over the counters
-my laundry was piled on the bed
-I couldn't find the favorite pacifier
-I had only eaten applesauce & a muffin up until dinner time
-the Mr. is 8 hours away
-I got my mail key stuck in the lock

I deemed it my HARDEST day as a Mom of 3 
{SO FAR. Because, I'm not so naive to think there won't be crazier days ahead!}

And then...things started happening.
I cried out, and arms rushed around me

-A friend listened to me cry
-The US postal service sent someone to open the mail box at 7 minutes until their closing time
-A sister-in-law sent a package of goodies (in the mail box with the stuck key!)
-An aunt sent a package of items for the children & a most heartfelt note (also in the stuck-key mailbox)
-A friend brought popsicles for the boys to eat during this sick time
-A friend exchanged emails with advice 
-A friend brought food and stayed for some uplifting adult conversation
-J helped with the laundry 
-My Mom listened to me cry and spoke calming words
-My Mr. let me freak out on the phone and told me I was doing great
-The bathtub got cleaned (eventually)
-The bedding got washed (immediately!)
-The sink got cleared (super fast)

I believe God lives. He loves me. He wants our success.
His tender mercies can be experienced
as we serve & love one another.

Thank you.
My eyes are wet and my heart is full.


Linda said...

I love you...I wish I could have been of more help, but thankful for the angels around you!

Kendra said...

You're so wonderful. I can't even imagine. That sounds like such a difficult and miserable day. I am amazed that you were able to see tender mercies in the midst of it all. You are a strong woman and incredible mother. Thank you for being an example to me. <3

Meghan said...

I need to put this on my blog list so I can remember to read this blog-

This brought tears to my eyes. You are doing great. You can do hard things. It's great you have people to complain to and let all you frustrations out- it's healthy. I am so glad you had light in a hard day.

I think I've said this before, but I love the way you write- you write really well and beautifully. You are very creative and keep my attention in all your post. :)