Thankful Thursday: February 2, 2012

is it really you?

There are no snow piles in my back yard and the forecast this week is showing sunshine and 40 degree temps. I heard Groundhog Phil is predicting 6 more weeks of winter. 

Surely, that must be a joke.
Since winter never *truly* came.
Or maybe you are hiding some secret blizzard behind your back, Miss Feb?

Time will tell.
I do have my first cold of 2012...
starting this new month with sniffles & sneezes.

So far the kids are healthy, so I am grateful for that.
And more...

I'm Thankful For:
-Phone chats with my Mr. when he is out of town (finding that bacon to bring home)

-My friend L who brought a delicious soup dinner for us last night (homemade tomato soup: delish!)

-Our group of co-op Moms for preschool...and their willingness to pick J up so I don't have to load up all my kids twice a week (it's true, we typically don't get going in the day until after 9am, and I definitely don't have my 'load up 3 kids and go' groove on yet)

-My boy J who emptied my trash can full of tissues yesterday (without being asked) and plays quietly in the mornings so I can rest

-My boy N who crawled into my lap so sweetly last night (and just stayed there, as if to say, 'I'll take care of you Mom')

-My girl N whose little snores make my heart jump with love and who gave me the biggest, most awesome smile yesterday, as if to say 'It's going to be alright Mom' (she is my most high maintenance baby...up till 2:30am this morning...but she's right: it will be alright)

-Flannel pajamas

-Emails of encouragement from my dear friend D

-TV shows that take me into their world, providing fun and intriguing entertainment (I'm talking to you, Downton Abbey)

-A humidifier (don't think I would have been able to breathe last night without it!)

-Hot showers (oh yes!)

-My brother-in-law's awesome example of service & love (returning home from his 2 year mission for our Church in just 2 weeks!)

-A girl's night OUT...last Saturday night: fun conversation, awesome friends, great music, & delicious eats 

-The ways I'm reminded that we are all connected and it is our job as individuals to find ways to reach out, encourage, uplift, and help one another

I'm tired, sniffly, and thankful today.


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