Thankful Thursday: February 23, 2012

The sunshine today 
 is beautiful, and blindingly bright
the rays are bouncing
 from the soft blue above
 to the crunchy snow mounds
 & back again.

It's cold outside, there is a thin layer of snow on the ground...
but I can smell is coming! 

I am excited to get out for walks, park play dates, find a cheap swing set on craigslist, and soak up some vitamin D.

I'm Thankful for the bright light outside today...
AND more.

I'm Thankful For:

- all three kids napping simultaneously (doesn't happen every day, but when it does...*insert choirs of angels singing*)

-trustworthy babysitters (with no family nearby, we rely on these girls to watch our darlings when we go out--they are awesome)

-date nights (we've got three weekends in a row, already booked!)

-the satisfying feeling you get when you do something for someone else (win-win!)

-my Valentine/Birthday gift: a SMART phone (I guess my old one was just dumb. I tell you what, I feel dumb with this thing! What are YOUR favorite apps?)'s always on my thankful list, I just don't type it every Thursday

-the ease of documenting our greatest joys, triumphs, and crazy days--journaling, photography, blogging, etc--I can treasure the memories even longer!

-the pre-school Co-Op that Jackson is in, and the opportunity for me to have so much fun gathering ideas, crafting, playing, & teaching (and the 3 other Mamas that are doing an awesome job!)

-flowers that mean something (A friend brought bright orange ones at the beginning of Feb to lift me up during some hard days, Mr. H gifted me a dozen red roses in the middle of Feb for V-day, and I received a purple bouquet yesterday for my birthday week), my vase has been full all month long, thanks to people that love me

-Safety,even in the midst of a crazy day (did you know J ate glass on Tuesday? And his brother wasn't around to copy him, and his little sister stayed sound asleep so I could make phone calls & monitor him, and he told me immediately so I could figure it all out, and he is FINE)

-The blogs I follow--bring me to tears, give me reasons to laugh, inspire, and educate me on a myriad of subjects

-My forever family--the ones that raise me & the ones I am raising. So much love!

I'm grateful on this Thursday for all of the above
plus almond milk, pink nail polish, my proximity to Trader Joe's, and baby swings.

Your turn!

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It's Me - Jen E! said...

I am thankful for:
- date days/nights.
- an awesome and trustworthy teenage daugther to babysit her younger brothers in order to allow us a multitude of date days. Or just quick trips to the store.
- A quick healing after a pretty bad in home mishap to myself
- Flowers...though, I think it's time to refresh the ones in the pretty red vase that were given to me on Valentine's Day
- I do love my smart phone. My favorite app is words with friends - care to play?
- the opportunity to work at home. We are suppose to be getting Snowmaggedon 2012 tonight!