Thankful Thursday: March 1, 2012

Why, Miss March!

How quickly you've arrived.
You must have taken the fast train from Georgia
but forgot to bring the Southern warmth with you.

34 degree high for us today
72 degrees in Atlanta

(64 for my parents in TN, 62 for my in-laws in KY, 37 for my bro in WA,
 & we're tied with my bro in MA--whose high today is also a wintry 34 degrees) 
What? You didn't stop by this blog for a weather report?

Just sayin'

Still, I do expect, as you unpack your bags
that you will grace us with a few days of warmer temps
and perhaps a sneak peek of spring?

Or perhaps you are a sneaky fox
and you are hiding a surprise winter storm
in your back pocket?

Honestly, at this point--neither would be shocking
and either would be welcome

Bring it on, snarky Marchy
I'm ready for whatever 
you're preparing to offer
during your 31 day stay

Except, baby becoming 3 months old. Really?


And I'm Thankful For:

-an afternoon to watch falling snowflakes while the babes (all 3!) drift off to dreamland

-a busy, beautiful Sunday afternoon complete with dinner at our friend's house

-more February birthdays at the end of the month! Lots of birthday songs to sing (and hear!)

-a fantastic birthday date night...who knew Mongolian was so delicious? and that when you get THIS OLD, date nights include a grocery shopping trip...

-lazy mornings with fun adventures and pajama clad darlings (I do love winter!)

-lessons I'm learning as a Mom of 3 (DO keep the diaper bag with you, DO NOT place your keys in some random pocket, DO bring your camera every where you go, DO NOT expect a 3 year old to carry the bag for you, DO use the ergo carrier, DO NOT leave the 18 mo. old in his stroller while you load the others...)

-my supportive, cheerleader Mr. whose response to my whiny "I can't do this", replies: "You're already doing it!" 

-sweet little baby girl dresses that make me squeal with delight (and more importantly, my baby doll girl that I get to dress every day!)

-reminders of my blessings (especially on crazy days)

-heartfelt prayers on behalf of others, and the humility that follows

-a dusted, vacuumed house

-craiglist finds (stay tuned, next week's Thankful Thursday just might include a swing set...)

-dreams that take you to another place

-a new month to begin again with my goals, plans, & expectations for myself and my family

-my giggling boys (having a squealing competition right now as they munch on grapes at the kitchen island)

-my princess girl (snoozing, grunting, dreaming in her basket bed)

-Mr. H's job that gives him opportunities to climb and support our family

-My mother who birthed, cuddled, fed, cleaned, rocked, soothed, cried, prayed, taught, disciplined, encouraged, listened, cheered, dreamed, gave, and loved me--every single day of the last 32 years of her life.

-This weekly posting that forces me to stop, look, recognize, and fill my heart with gratitude for the large and little things in my life over the last week.

Are you surprised 
that March has arrived so swiftly?
Feeling Thankful?


It's Me - Jen E! said...

I had to laugh because our date nights most always revolve around a grocery shopping trip!!!

Sharalea said...


Shopping is just an evil necessity, and nice to do it together every once and awhile...SANS kids!! :) lol