MPAD {MarchPhotoADay} Day 9

Day 9: RED

Empty 'laughing cow cheese' boxes, for 'kitchen play' with the children. 03.09.2012

In my home
we have a redhead
a handful red hots
& two red walls
(that I would promptly paint if this place were our own)

On the playroom floor 
we have red cars,
red blocks,
& red baby dinosaurs.

In my fridge
we have red apples,
red grapes,
& little red laughing cows.

The first time I remember
seeing that little red laughing cow logo
was in Portugal 
and I loved it
(both the logo & the creamy swiss goodness inside)

"A vaca que ri"
(the cow that laughs="Laughing Cow")

I used to make delicious spinach salads
with chopped tomatoes, olive oil, & this cheese.

Now I don't eat it at all
(I'm on a forced dairy strike, due to my nursling's preferences)
but I still love that laughing cow
I mean really,
doesn't that little red cow face
just make you smile?

I'm taking a photo and posting every day during the month of March, as I am participating in the March Photo A Day Challenge. All of the photos I will post will be SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). I'm excited to document pieces of my world, learn more how to master my lens, & share with you on my personal blog. Want to join me?

1 comment:

Miles said...

Ok! What lens are you using? I'm amazed at how clear the foreground is and love how focused it is with the background slightly fuzzy. Is that your lens or your aperture setting?

Never had this Laughing Cow goodness. I'm impressed to try it now, though :)