MPAD {MarchPhotoADay} Day 8


Window: Looking IN

Looking inside (standing on the porch) through the slender long window next to the front door. 03.08.12

Window: Looking OUT
Looking outside (standing on the entryway landing) through the slender long window next to the front door. 03.08.12

Our last place had
(including a set of glass doors)
16 windows
offering north, south, & east light

Our current place has
(including 2 sets of glass doors)
7 windows
offering east & west light

For indoor photos, 
I prefer the nicely diffused 
natural light from a 
north-facing window

so I'm really missing that
from our last place
and, of course,
that awesome brightness 
from 9 extra windows

I chose to take two photos
this morning
to go with today's

Using the slender, long window
that is next to our front door

I took a photo from outside
(notice my shadow blocks the morning sun, 
allowing us to focus on the name wall hanging inside)
showing reflections of images
both behind & in front of me
(due to the morning light/this is east-facing)

I took a photo from inside
(notice the light coming in,
totally blocks out all of the light inside)
 showing us a framed view
just outside the window & across the street
showing off my favorite tall evergreen

Light is amazing,
isn't it?

I love the windows I have now
to enjoy a stream of sunbeams
looking forward to even more windows
in our next home stop.

I'm taking a photo and posting every day during the month of March, as I am participating in the March Photo A Day Challenge. All of the photos I will post will be SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). I'm excited to document pieces of my world, learn more how to master my lens, & share with you on my personal blog. Want to join me?

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Miles said...

I wish I knew how to critique a photo properly other than just saying, "it's awesome!" But, alas.. It's awesome! Light is a tricky little thing :)