Thankful Thursday: March 8, 2012

Last weekend we had
one croupy toddler
(it was one of the more alarming experiences of my mothering journey)
but N is now getting better

Now we have
one getting-better toddler,
one coughing preschooler,
one runny nosed baby,
and one sore throated Mama.

The Mr. is steering clear...
I wonder if he'll escape unscathed.

I've said many times how grateful I am
that we've avoided so many strings of
illness this winter... I guess we're due.

With puffs plus by my side,
I'd like to make my 
Thankful list this morning:

I'm Thankful For:

-The Mr. having three (!!) weeks in a row of home-every-night fabulousness

-Educational websites to keep the preschooler entertained/learning even when he has missed preschool this week (no need to spread these nasty germs!)

-Surprise birthday packages, wrapped up with colorful nephew drawings

-Attentive pediatricians & cozy blankets

-"Gocky Gocky" (Rocky,Rocky) time in the recliner with my babies

-A self-soothing babe (although I'm on the fence with my feelings about a thumb sucker)

-The Dollar Tree (honestly, I love that place)

-Quality friendships

-Plans for trips & visitors over the next month 

-The opportunity to share my love for Portugal at a RS meeting this week (and go through my 3 boxes of memories...!)

-Cozy pajamas (our every-day attire for the last week)

-A day of sunshine & a day of clouds (I love both)

-Forecasts for more sunshine :)

-Dairy free options from Trader Joe's

-One super-sparkling clean bathroom (thanks to Mr. H)

-Reminders that I am part of a bigger picture

-Sweet baby snorts & snoring sounds

-J's excitement for a balloon he can call his own

-N's new discovery of CLIMBING (watch out, world...bruises & bumps ahead!)

-My every-day blessings

I'm feeling sniffly & thankful.

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