Thankful Thursday: March 15, 2012

The clocks are ticking
tic toc
tic toc
tickity tickity toc

To me, it seems like the longer sunlight days 
are playing tricks on us
I have not gone to bed earlier than midnight-thirty this week
and the kids' bedtimes have been atrocious.

We are enjoying a bit of sleeping in, though.
And that is always welcome in my house.

I'm so glad it's Thursday, 
I've got a basket of thankfulness to share...

I'm Thankful For:

-the GORGEOUS weather we've been having 

-our awesome new (to us) swing set that has already brought hours of giggly joy

-our friend who helped Mr. H pick up the above-mentioned swing set (and the new friend who loaned his trailer) and put it together

-spring colors, bunnies, and baskets

-the baby monitor--I've been privy to a dozen hilarious conversations between my boys this week (we got it out when everyone was sick, and I've had it out on my dresser ever since)

-meyer lemon sorbet (it's my dairy-free ice cream option)

-children's books (I'd like to write one someday...for now I read them all day)

-my camera that lets me take photos of my world--I'll be able to look back at them and remember the sweetness of these days

-Mr. H and his hard work for our family (comes home tonight!)

-phone dates with favorite friends (Sunday with K, Monday with L, Tuesday with L, Wednesday with S, & tonight with E)--they give me something fun/rewarding/relaxing to look forward to at the end of the day on weeks when the Mr. is away

-little squawks and squeals from Miss N

-pretty things to make me smile

-big hugs from N (as he wipes his snotty nose on my shoulder...and I don't care one bit!)

-fantastic conversations and learning with J (as he is starting to piece the world letter of the alphabet at a time)

-lazy lunches

-1 hour photo printing service (seriously--isn't that awesome?)

-scheduled date nights (I almost forgot until I saw it on the calendar...that's TOMORROW! Woo hoo!)

-Our loving Father in Heaven whose daily promptings remind me that He is in charge, which offers the best peace possible

What do you think? 
Ready to give some Thanks?

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