Thankful Thursday: May 3rd, 10th, & 17th-2012

Today is a blustery day in the 100 acre woods
in the 100 acre suburb 

The wind is blowing, people--and I love a windy day!

I have loved Southern breezes in the spring & fall,
the dry winds of Western evenings,
the humid whirls of Iberian gusts,
and now--the sweet swirls of dancing air 
singing songs of a Minnesota spring very first MN spring, that is.

I've got some Thankful thoughts
 to air out as well...

May 3rd Thankful For:
-rainy days & organizing energy
-re-scheduled events
-friends over for dinner
-A&W root beer in glass bottles
-swingset fun w/my boys
-our little '3rd wheel' for date night
-live band music
-photo messages sent from my Mr. in Montana
-calls with my Mama
-cuddles with my N
-stories with my J
-smiles from my Little Miss N
-a successfully carved watermelon pig
-Pinterest ideas (see above)
-women devoted to serving others

May 10th Thankful For:
-newborn photo shoots
-playgroup with friends (new & old!)
-zoo days
-last minute party hosting (CINCO DE MAYO!)
-a new class: zumba (begins in June!)
-my new herb garden  (thanks to my Mr.)
-weeks that my Mr. is HOME
-freshly cut grass
-getting things done BEFORE the due dates
-enjoying lazy mornings (and busy ones too)
-counter space
-laundry  done 
-freshly bathed babies

May 17th Thankful For:
-catching up with Portuguese friends
-practicing foreign language skills (see above)
-finding money in my pocket
-wearing favorite jeans (see above)
-little pink pants to fold up and put away
-friends whose challenging life experiences make me more compassionate 
-new friends
-a day to celebrate Motherhood
-opportunities to serve
-moments of reflection
-catching up with one of my mission companions
-backyard fun
-popsicles & scavenger hunts
-baby smiles
-toddler grins
-preschool triumphs
-two weeks in a row with the Mr. home every.single.night

Ahhhh I love it.

A beautiful, blustery day 
 the rejuvenation I feel from
counting blessings.

Windy at your house today?

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Linda said...

your posts always make me smile so much. And smiles are good things!