Thankful Thursday: May 24, 2012

It's 1pm at my house.

The two babies are snoozing to the hum of 
the dishwasher, the dryer, the washing machine, 
and Sesame Street (downstairs entertaining the anti-nap preschooler)

I wouldn't mind zoning out 
with a little SS myself
but I've got other things on my To Do list

newborn shoot edits,
Thank You notes,
budget listing, 
grocery-list writing,
package preparing,
and my newest time consumer...

browsing local MLS listings
to find the best bang for our buck.

In the middle of 
what feels like
a very crazy week
I definitely need to sit down 
and sip on a tall glass of gratitude.

I'm Thankful For:

-a fantastic first family 5k adventure last Saturday
-lovely sunshine & outside play with my 3 monkeys (littlest monkey enjoys quilt time under the shade tree)
-rainy afternoons, evenings, and mornings (I love a good rain)
-shelter from the storms
-a yard for the sunny days
-a night out w/some girlfriends
-safe travel for Mr. H
-the opportunity to enjoy preschooling with J and 3 of his little friends & their Mamas (only 2 more weeks left!)
-a zoo afternoon--bears fighting & otters snacking
-lazy days & library books
-moments of spiritual teaching
-reminders of who we really are
-generous & willing-to-help parents & in-laws
-cheese flavored options (tried rice cheese this week on homemade pizza--not too shabby)
-snuggles with my daughter (I still feel a burst of excitement when I see that word: daughter)
-late night cookie baking w/my oldest son
-tickle time with my middle child
-the ease of finding information
-our fantastic double stroller that makes my life easier
-coconut oil
-happy dreams
-the freshness of each NEW day
-the promise of forever from a loving Heavenly Father

What about you? 

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