Thankful Thursday: May 31st & June 7th, 2012

Here we are
standing with both feet 
the warm, green 
month of June.

The sun is warming
this northern state
and flip flops are in full swing

My herb garden
is a-flourishin'
and my tomatoes
are nice & plump.

is just around the corner
summer grooves are calling
my name

It's Thursday at my house, 
& I've got a double batch of Thanks

I'm Thankful For-May 31st
-lunch & chill time with friends
-amazingly patient & willing children
-quickly returned phone calls
-Sunday evening drives
-holiday Mondays
-grilled burgers with friends
-fresh strawberries
-sunshiny afternoons
-picnics on a quilt
-free rides @ the Mall of America
-group hugs

I'm Thankful For-June 7th
-the fresh feeling of haircuts
-mini massages
-soft baby skin
-4 months of awesome preschool days
-girl time 
-a clean house
-a supportive Mr.
-file folders
-little guys giggling in the bathtub
-aloe vera
-fresh cilantro, basil, & dill
-outdoor dinners
-the joy of a successful venture
-quality time with new & old friends
-the beauty of a clean & organized closet
-my sweet family

Your turn!
Thankful thoughts? 

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