Thankful Thursday: Summer '12 RoundUP!

Tap, tap, tap

Is this thing on?

I have been a bit absent.
You could say I've been busy...
...that *might* be an understatement.

Organizing, de-cluttering, cleaning, packing, moving, re-moving, mothering, parenting, cooking, backing, giving, receiving, stacking, un-stacking, signing, sitting, sighing, losing, finding, praying, sleeping, waking, crying, smiling, jumping, running, walking, unpacking, finding, reading, cleaning, re-cleaning, adjusting, finding, buying, eating, agreeing, disagreeing, hugging, working, sweating, unclogging, meeting, seeing, goodbye-ing, hello-ing, preparing, offering, looking, searching, wondering, deep-deep-cleaning, washing, scrubbing, decorating, breaking, flooding, clearing, drying, washing, fixing, adjusting, relaxing, resting, laughing, eating, sharing, sight seeing, sharing, jumping, wrestling, photo-ing, hugging, sitting, dreaming, talking, mopping, loading, unloading, skyping, paying, exchanging, updating, renewing, experiencing...and...LOVING.

Our 4th summer to move (in a row)
and I think this one has been the craziest of all. 
My "Thankful Thursday" posts have been paused
but my grateful thoughts have been plentiful.

Let's catch up, shall we?

11 weeks x 5 thankful thoughts = 
55 reasons to smile with gratitude

I'm Thankful For:

June 14th: 
-Amazing friends we've made over the last year--and a party to prove it!
-Good review from the inspector (this is getting more real...)
-Reasons to serve (food to dear friends who just had a baby girl!)
-Coordinating meetings (RS meeting plans) with creative & fun women
-4 years of being a MOM (Today is J's birthday!)

June 21st:
-Concerts in the park w/favorite friends
-Generous gifts of boxes (packing time!)
-Freshly cut grass
-Encouraging words from friends (Miss N lost a few ounces)
-Zoo visits--an fun stop just outside our door (practically!)

June 28th:
-Picnic dinners with at sunset
-The yard that gives my children freedom to run
-Ease of walk-in clinics (we begin our pink eye party)
-Offerings of thoughtful friends (I'm really going to miss these people)
-Fabulous loan % we were able to lock into

July 5th:
-2 night escape @ a hotel--just me & my sweet baby girl
-fun "slithering races"--water games on the 4th w/my little family
-the energy to pack a few boxes (now in the 2nd cycle of pink eye/flu)
-our beautiful, strong, free country
-the most hardworking husband in the world

July 12th:
-OUR NEW HOUSE! (home closing: July 6th)
-Trevor cleaning/moving/packing like a mad man (even with a fever!)
-homemade cookies & Sunday afternoon naps
-selfless friends who came to help me pack & their husbands who helped us load up
-new friends who came to help us unload our massive truck & everything arriving safely

July 19th:
-finding the missing HOUSE KEYS (bah!)
-Mr. H's home schedule this month so he can do so much of the WORK of this move
-getting the kitchen put together in one day
-friends watching our boys so we can maximize unpacking projects
-kind, quiet, & welcoming neighbors

July 26th:
-Mr. H's energy to finish of projects, moving, unloading, & cleaning
-successful move out inspection w/the rental management company
-new smiling faces in our new Church ward (& new callings!)
-a new & fantastic pediatrician
-a baby girl who is FINALLY gaining weight!

August 2nd:
-the settled feeling of putting a room together
-new hair cut & much need ME TIME (if only for 2 hours & due to city traffic)
-my children's excitement that reminds me to slow down & enjoy the day
-last day of lease for our last place...*phew*...done!
-meeting up with friends--new zoo &  old Farmer's Market!

August 9th:
-busy projects & roof time w/a new ladder (yay craigslist!)
-phone dates w/favorite friends
-professional haircuts for the 2 most darling boys in all of Minnesota
-energy & drive to attack that one room full of boxes
-our family visitors who will arrive soon...getting ready!

August 16th:
-my siblings safe arrival (and surprise arrival of my parents tonight!)--it's a party up in here
-finally getting a couch DOWNSTAIRS (thankyouverymuch, large window!)
-the calm offered by my brother J during a crazy basement flood experience
-the joy of watching my children jump around and giggly wrestle with their cousins
-2 years of being a Mom of little boy N (today is his birthday!)

August 23rd:
-memories made in our yard, at our table, and all around the twin cities with family in town
-having all of my family in our new home (games! food! stories! late nights! photos! day trips!)
-Dad's waffles on Sunday night
-our special temple FHE with Grandmama, Granddaddy, & 2 Uncles
-the home project list my Dad is hammering through while Mr. H is out of town all week long

I imagine your summer been crazy busy too.
Thankful thoughts?

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