Thankful Thursday: August 30, 2012

Oh what a fabulous Thursday...

...and now the sun is setting, 
my man is vacuuming, 
my kids are fed & happy.

I have to say
I am pretty sure August was swallowed up 
by a sea monster
or was it a lake monster?
(we do have 10,000 or so lakes around here, ya know)

I'm thankful for:

-my parents' (&youngest bro) extended stay (I bribed them with frosting & banana bread...but I only paid up in the bread)
-the amazing two weeks with family in town that left us full of priceless memories 
-time to do some extra scripture study (preparing for a talk)
-the women who smile knowingly at me as I wrangle 3 kids on Sundays
-stripes & polka dots! (they're all the rage & I love 'em!)
-new baby smells (I took photos)
-new friends, dear friends, favorite friends (talking, visiting, making plans)
-our fenced yard
-warmer temps to air up the pool 
-conversations with cousins
-red lentils (& nearby African markets from which I can purchase them at awesome prices)
-affirming pediatrician visits
-our healing bodies
-the Spirit of God that teaches us when we are willing to listen and act
-my imperfect & absolutely awesome marriage to the man of my dreams (8 years this week! I'm in love!)

That's all for now, folks.
Thankful you?

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