Thankful Thursday: September Roundup

September is not over yet
but Summer is.

What a fabulously 
wild & wonderful 
 I enjoyed with my 
family o' five!

I've got a summer basket 
full of short sleeved shirts, capris, beach towels, 
swim suits (& swim diapers!), 
caps, sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses,
& bug spray.

At the very top of the basket lies a
heap of Thankful thoughts...
better share them before I pack up the rest!

I'm Thankful For:

September 6th:
-family fun days (Stillwater!)
-giggly kids
-the smell of new paint
-hard working Mr. to get a project DONE
-new (to us) big wheel, so now there are 2
-picnics, parks, burgers, & friends
-a study on joy & womanhood (taught in RS)
-the ah ha moments that stretch me closer to where I want to be
-the excitement in my boys' eyes over dinosaur bones

September 13th:
-forgiving friends
-finishing projects (Miss N's room: DONE!)
-rejuvenation from chatting w/dear friends
-the honesty  & brilliance of childhood
-cuddly girls
-sunshine & boys
-making time to serve
-fall leaves on my front porch
-my fun mother

September 20th:
-visits from favorite friends before they move far away
-my fitness pal (hey, I'm just glad I don't have to figure up all the calories myself!)
-happy kids (despite their runny noses)
-gusts of wind (fall is in the air!)
-time with the Mr. at home
-clean carpets
-visits from old friends in town on business
-making new friends through visiting teaching
-reminders of FOCUS
-my wonderful in-laws
-Stake Conference & a babysitter
-new polka dot cardigan
-sunset walks with my little family

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