Thankful Thursday: Octoberful {2012}

Oh my Thankful Friends...

My blogs have taken a back seat to a busy summer & fall. 
But Thankfulness has not been pushed aside
no matter how much I procrastinate posting!

In this month full of pumpkin spice, crunching leaves, and foggy mornings--my heart has felt full 
and my spirits lifted 
by the many large & little things for which I am trying to be

Shall we?
I'm Thankful For:

October 11th
-new painted desks on which my boys' to can color to their giggling hearts content
-a weekend full of inspiration & reminders 
-an awesome husband who honors his priesthood duties
-phone calls with family that remind me of my blessings
-recliner naps in the sun
-frustrating projects being OVER & DONE
-treating myself to something sweet
-how I'm feeling about myself--wearing a size smaller
-new friends to distract me from the Mr.'s absence
-slobbery snuggles w/the two littlest
-book reading with the oldest

October 18th
-pumpkin spice cupcakes 
-cinnamon cream cheese frosting (yum.)
-neighbors with whom I can share/swap goodies
-the stunning colors on our neighborhood trees
-visiting in our old city with my dear friend...relaxing completely
-discovering  through my children's eyes
-listening to N's first prayers
-the power of beautiful music to bless, inspire, and englighten
-date night!
-my Mr. who works hard all week & then spends a significant portion of his weekend serving others
-awesome new friends & favorite old friends

October 25th
-new friends whose old souls must have been close with mine in another time & place
-Lentil soups (and several to share!)
-opportunities to serve with a smile
-answered prayers
-more cupcakes (& shared!)
-early morning service cleaning
-angels that watch over us (& Mr. H's safe travels)
-the compassion of others & their examples to me
-memories of pure bliss
-warm socks
-my happy Mom
-the lessons my 3 wee ones teach me
-pumpkin patch fun
-the warmth of a glowing fire & the first snow flakes!

Three for three.

Thankful you?

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Linda said...

Thankful for YOU! ( and other things, too!)