Thankful Thursday: November the 1st {2012}

Oh November.

You follow your bold orange-clad predecessor October,
dancing out on stage with golden flakes & rustled leaves.

You brush away the leftover candy wrappers with your waves of winds
and your presence stirs within us a seasonal spice

Apples caramels pies pumpkins soups breads ciders stuffings turkeys cranberries creams & best of all...
Thankful Hearts

I'm Thankful For:

-Mr. H's joyful serving (me, my kids, others...awesome)
-happy squeals of little boys (mine + 4 friends) on sunny Friday afternoons
-date nights
-great deals & second hand outfits
-new insights
-strengthened friendships
-Olive Garden's pumpkin cheese cake (who's counting calories?)
-quirky (in an adorable way!) neighbors
-a new focus
-the pure joy that comes with serving others
-fresh warm soups (& sharing!)
-nap time!
-flannel pajamas
-opportunities to photograph beautiful friends
-an awesome pediatric dentist (J has requested to go back!)
-costume fun w/3 little ones
-trick-or-treating memories in our new neighborhood
-fine point dry erase markers (nerd alert)
-long, hot showers on crisp fall mornings
-angels that no doubt watch over us
-compliments from my Mr.
-the sustaining power of prayer

What about you?
 It's the first day of the eleventh month.
Feeling Thankful?

Also? It's NaBloPoMo time again!See you here tomorrow!

NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. Write a post on your blog every day in November. For a second year, I've decided to do it. Do you want to join me? My brother will be writing daily overHERE and my sis-in-law's posts will be found HERE.

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