Slice of Minnesota Cake

 They say you can't have your cake and eat it too.

For the fourth summer in a row, we have moved our family & earthly possessions to a new location. The new house we call home is located in a small northeastern suburb...and when I say small...I mean this city encompasses all of three square miles.

Mr. H & I both come from small towns.  While he grew up in a tiny, unincorporated community in Kentucky, and I spent most of my childhood in a little town spanning an area of a darling five miles.

As children, we each picnicked under trees with a backdrop of fields. We share a love for the sweet charm of small communities, but as adults we appreciate the energy, movement, and entertainment of bigger buroughs. On a business trip, Mr. H fell madly in love with the lights & life in NYC. On my mission, I left my heart in Portugal's sprawling northern cities.

Our new address is carefully snuggled between three other suburbs and is within a few minutes drive from anything we could possibly need (ahem: Costco, Michael's/JoAnns, & Target) and about 20-30 minute drive to either of the Twin Cities. 

charming community & mega metropolis

Dontchya know* we'll take that slice of cake
and eat it too.

*American English in Minnesota

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