Life: All of the above

Life is just crazy, isn't it?

Some craziness just happens. 

Some craziness we bring on ourselves
by our own lack of experience, pre-planning, attention to detail...
or all of the above.

I will gladly (sheepishly?) share a few fairly recent examples 
of such self-inflicted craziness:

-going to Costco on a Saturday
-going to IKEA on Kids-Eat-Free-Tuesday
-giving a child a bowl of strawberries sans bib
-going the downtown route during rush hour
-owning non-washable markers (and forgetting to put them in the toppest drawers)
-misplacing brand new house keys (and not looking in the only place they are hiding)
-calling a locksmith without double checking background (& getting scammed)
-leaving a car window down on a cloudy day (clouds turn into...!)
-unknowingly plugging a drain that should never, ever, ever be plugged (I'm talking to you, Augustbasementflood)
-wearing a black top while carrying a super snotty child (always shows the goop)
-wearing long shiny earrings while babywearing (never a good choice)
-wearing new shoes on a family walk
-giving a 2 year old (limited hand-eye coordination) the dust pan emptying job (he still loves it ...but boy is it crazy!)
-giving a 4 year old (limited reasoning) the feed your sister job (imagine: mounds of cheerios instead of a few on her tray)
-throwing little boys' jeans in the wash without emptying pockets
-allowing Halloween candy when you're trying to keep your diet sugar-free

Maybe you have also experienced a bit of crazy
in your daily adventures.

All of the above?

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Miles said...

Crazy's what we live for, right? RIGHT?!!