ME time. Brought to you by Mr. H.

I woke up yesterday a little before 8am. The house was still quiet (love my sleep-lovin' kids!) but I needed to start moving. I fed the nursling and hopped in the shower. I reminded Mr. H that I would be gone most of the day--it was our Relief Society crafting day! Since I am involved with the leadership, I would be staying for the entire day to assist, mingle, enjoy, and finally--help with cleanup.

I got ready & waved goodbye--my kids were now eating healthy portions of oatmeal with big smiles on their faces--Mr. H emptying the dishwasher and switching loads of laundry in the background. I drove away feeling so glad for some ME time to enjoy some time with the ladies and the privilege to do so (provided by my Mr. Incredible). About two minutes down the road, I called Mr. H to remind him that if he needed to bring them by so I could nurse the babe that would be fine. 

About half-way through the activity, as I sat meticulously cutting letters of my last name to etch onto my pyrex dish, I heard a little voice "...mama!" I turned around to see my Mr. flanked with three adorable monkeys...all dressed and ready for adventure. The babe donned an all-pink ensemble complete with a pastel pink beret on her little head (outfit by Daddy). They were on their way to go grocery shopping, stopped in for Miss N to have a little lunch--it was on me. (Haha--get it?)

The littles charmed all of the ladies who were crafting and chatting away...made some new friends and then were on their way again. I stayed several more hours (laughing, crafting, and scrubbing paint off the gymnasium floor) before packing up to head home. On my way home, I was feeling so glad for some ME time and the benefits of having a fantastic partner to take care of house & kids so I can do my thing.

After a fabulously busy day, I went to bed last night with mounds of laundry folded and an annoyingly tight, achey throat. Before I woke up this morning, Mr. H had already fed, cleaned up, & clothed our two eldest children. By the time I had showered (steaming my congested, pounding head), he had Miss N wearing her tights and a fluffy fashionista dress. While I was eating breakfast (dreading the cold that was clearly upon me), he was sliding on socks and slicking back hair. I felt so glad for the ME time to get ready in the morning and the wonderfulness of the Mr.

Our Church meeting this morning was so uplifting, inspiring, & Spirit-filled, I felt grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who loves me...knows me uniquely and wants my happiness. I smiled as I recognized His hand in the moments of joy over the last week. However,one hour of Church was enough time to start feeling dizzy and fuzzy in the head and for the two N's running noses to convince us that some of us needed to head home (no need to spread our germs!). 

The N's & I lay down for restful naps and the Mr. drove back to Church so he & J could finish out the Sunday school & classes. When they got home, I couldn't tell you--I never heard a peep. When I woke up from a wonderful nap (feeling achey but rested), I woke up in heaven.

I shuffled into the kitchen to be greeted by soft piano sounds and the aroma of deliciousness. What was made in my kitchen while I slept?

Homemade artisan bread and homemade red lentil soup. 

For a hundredth time, I smiled and thought--what a wonderful gift of ME time, given to me by my best of all friends...that handsome Mr. H.

Even though I'm feeling extra achey today (darn you, cold season!), I am overwhelmed with the precious ME time that my Mr. offers to me by his willingness to love & serve our family. 

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Kendra said...

Aw. That is so great! What a great hubby. :)

Linda said...

you are so lucky. I know, I tell you that all the time!