Little Red Sticker

This morning I awoke with purpose.

I stirred my cinnamon spiced coconut oil 
into my oatmeal with conviction.

I put on a new sweater (Thankyouverymuch, Relief Society freecycle) with pride, and zealously zipped up by boots 
and asked J if he wanted to accompany me.

When the N's were happily snoring, we said goodbye to the hardworking Mr. and walked out into the cloudy day.

Today was no ordinary day.
Today is
election day.

On our short walk to our polling place
we talked about our beautiful country...
 humble beginnings and a magnificent tradition of 
hard work, helping others, and democracy.

We walked hand in hand through the door
an American flag waved in the breeze behind us
~perfectly red,white, andblue~
and there we were:
voter and future voter.

J was mostly interested in the eight basketball hoops
in the elementary school gym
but I was interested in the eighty ovals I had to fill in
(ok, not eighty...but it felt like a lot)

And then my part was over.
The voting sheet was slipped into the tall box
by my short companion.

I was given some hearty"thank yous", 
a few smiles,
and one little red sticker.

This morning I awoke with purpose.
Tonight I will go to bed with prayers.

Prayers of gratitude for the opportunity 
to live in a country where I can vote, speak my voice, 
and make a difference...especially as a woman.

Prayers of strength, capacity, energy, skill, 
and management for our President, Vice-President, 
and leaders on both sides of the court.

Prayers for our poor,
prayers for our sick,
prayers for those among us who need the most.
May we reach out to each other,
lift each other, love each other.

We are America. 
We are great.
Let us embrace each other 
so our greatness might shine!

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JosephJ said...

We are America, and we are great. But we could sure do many things a little better, too!

Jan and Carol Van de Wetering Family said...

Beautiful, Shara.

Miles said...

Love this!

Kendra said...

Well said.