Thankful Thursday: December 13th, 2012

Some weeks fly by with 
appointments, meetings, and agendas.

Other weeks woosh past me with 
playdates, lunches, and girls nights.

This last week we have been sprinting through 
with events, parties, planning, packing...and airplanes!

During the (first?) Minnesota blizzard of  2012
(on Sunday)
Miss N & I made our airborne exit...and we've been
enjoying friend visits, family hugs, & Southern sunsets.

We stopped in to visit Mr. H's roots in Kentucky
and the babe & I are now happily roosting 
upstairs in my parents' hacienda
in to celebrate my youngest bro's graduation.

By tomorrow morning all of my three brothers will be here
we'll all be in our parents home to enjoy the time all together, 
and celebrate Spencer's awesome achievements.

More family will be here too...
(I'm so excited!)
and back in MN?

Mr. H is dutifully & happily
holding down the fort.
Per our skype visits, everyone appears to be happy & healthy.

So here we are. It's Thursday!
I'm Thankful For:

-friendly, helpful strangers
-willing, uncomplaining, selfless Mr. H
-a warm, cozy house for my little family in snow-coated Minnesota
-clean carpets, dusted surfaces, & clocks with batteries in them
-a walk down memory lane (prom dresses, stake dance dresses, halloween costumes...what a treasure trove in my closet!)
-hand me downs
-Christmas celebrations (in MN, KY, & TN)
-twinkling lights & life-size nativities
-big hugs from my in-laws (they love me! I love them!)
-visits with grandparents & great-grands
-antiques from great-grands & great-great grands
-the power of a note
-the feeling I get when I see my parents (it's like my soul sighs with comfort and calm)
-the joy of seeing Miss N with her cousins, aunts, grandparents, great-grands, & friends
-skype to see my boys' faces when I am far away
-Dad's no bake cookies
-Mom's sweet potato fries
-the magic of the first year of a baby's life (and the moments stored in a mother's heart)
-the empty seat on our flight that allowed us to stretch out with our stuff & Miss N's carseat to be a holding option
-the sweet smell of clean baby skin
-my inspiring brothers (all 3!) who make me smile
-my awesome graduating brother Spencer whose determination is stronger than his disability
-the opportunity to reflect on highlights over the first year of my baby girl's life 
-the gift of love, family, and hope--all from God and enhanced by the ultimate gift of His Son, our Savior

One happy girl.
Thankful you?


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Linda said...

Thankyou for doing all you did to make this week EXTRA SPECIAL...and to help in all the ways you did, which was AWESOME! I would have been lost without you! Noelle was very accomodating, sweet and snuggly, and we never even needed to find that babygate...or babyproof very much at all...AND she learned understand "no" as needed! And she learned to clap!