Thankful Thursday December 6, 2012

Every year I feel like my weeks fly by faster
than the year before. 

There is one month, though...
that seems to dance at a faster pace--
twisting, twirling, jumping 
all the way to the end of the year. 

You know which month to which I'm referring, don't you?


For example:

That means a couple of things that I assure you are downright ridiculous:

1)Tomorrow will mean we are one FULL week into the month of December (practically 1/4 over!) & I have barely touched my To Do list.
2) One week from tomorrow my baby turns ONE

I can't even talk about it right now.
Let's talk Thanks, shall we?

I'm Thankful For:

-miniature moments that fill my soul with pure emotion and gratitude (watching chubby toddler fingers play in water, looking into my daughters eyes, and sharing whispers with my big boy)
-frequent flier miles (first time to cash them in and YES I'm going on a trip, baby!)
-Mr. H being home so I can run errands during naptime
-Kind & forgiving friends
-Playdates and pumpkin snickerdoodles
-December traditions (a few from the last week: 1st Presidency Christmas devotional, playing Christmas music, decorating the tree, putting up nativities, making cookies for others, scripture advent, paper chain advent, & munching on candy canes)
-our warm house
-coupons & sales
-our bodies' ability to heal
-an ideal to work toward and patience with myself when I fall short
-feeling loved, appreciated, and cared for
-Christmas cards!
-God's greatest gift--His Son

Only 15 minutes left on this 
first Thursday in December.

Thankful Thoughts?

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