I have my Dad's hair.
 It is is straight, fine,
 low maintenance hair (besides the oil factor)
for which I am grateful.
Though you could catch me looking with envy at a head full of voluminous curls on any given occasion.

Still, though--I find it difficult to find a good match for hair stylist--someone who listens to what I am really saying(not just cutting my hair to match their style), who gives good advice/input (but not too pushy), and within a reasonable cost.

My stylist from last year was amazing but her (already high) prices went up, so decided I needed to move on. I went to a super fancy salon and had a great experience with a student (nice, budget-friendly option!)--but I decided the drive to uptown & paying for parking wasn't worth it. My next attempt was at a little rinky dinky place and it was ok but I was not pleased with the bang trim.  

Side note:  I get my bangs cut and then let them go as long as I can stand them. Then I start to pull them back with creative clips and styles until I cannot go any longer--then I finally make my appointment for a hair trim & bang cut.

After that lackluster experience,
I went to the only place I could think of:
the ever-growing wisdom of youtube tutorials.

I found several and spent some time watching their snipping tips. With a few little upward pruning motions, I fixed my bangs. I've let them get shaggy since then and finally had enough. 

Yesterday, for the first time since I was 15 
(at DisneyWorld I made the infuriating mistake of cutting above my fingers instead of below them),
 I cut my own bangs.

Since I'm wearing them thicker with a choppy/ pieced out look--they don't have to be perfect. I'm looking forward to more time between salon visits and a more consistently maintained forehead. 

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