Thankful Thursday: January 24, 2013



Busy, beautiful day 
(even with -13° windchill at 11am)
and I'm running out of energy & time. 
So I'll skip on to the good part.

I'm Thankful For:

-stunning sunsets (and that I can watch them from the warmth of inside)
-warm socks
-laundry piles (it means I have clothes & they are clean!)
-my awesome Mr. whose phone calls always make me smile
-memories that remind me of where I've been & where I want to go
-cute little owl decals above my computer desk (remind me of my Granny)
-a happy, healthy crew
-strong, faithful, inspiring people in my life
-down time with my girlfriends (Girls Night! Holla!)
-new habits 
-little heaters (electric ones AND little snuggly baby ones)
-a week without the Mr. that has flown by
-plans with friends
-temple time
-strawberry preserves
-sleeping in
-"me time" after the kids go to bed
-the God who made us all

And you? Feeling thankful today?

Added bonus: J (4 1/2) asked what I was doing and I told him I was listing some things I am thankful for. I just asked J for his top thankful thoughts right now:

1. Jesus
2. Heavenly Father
3. Christmas trees & Christmas
4. Our "new" van
5. Dad fixing his car
6. My "new" room
7. My balloon
8. Daddy's "new" office 
9. My presents
10. What about when I was a baby, Mom? Can that be good?
11. Our friends
12. The pictures I draw [for] you
13. The pictures I make for Dad
14. The beautiful sky
15. How strong I am

"I love this. I love what we're doing, Mom." 

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Lisa Puga said...

so cute! he is such a good friend for Pedro too