"Tchau For Now" Review {4 days without FB}

So, it's been 4 days
and I'm reporting in.

You FB friends, have you missed me?
My rampant "likes" and hourly comments...

My emailing and texting have gone up 
but overall, I am much less attached to my screens
and it is absolutely liberating.

The first 24 hours was fascinating. 

It was like watching an experiment unfold--as I caught myself tapping on my FB app, expecting instant information--only to come up with nothing and remember my deactivated status.

I wondered what I was missing
and received a small trickle of slow-moving information 
from Mr. H's random news reports 
that I would have otherwise already known and commented on!
(ex: my dear friend & mission companion had her third baby, & my sis-in-law was in a singing competition for America's Got Talent--headed to the next round, I think?) 

In a strange way, I felt like I was walking away 
from my own world
a world I had created by adding friends (too many?)
adding "likes" to my interests
and blocking of those blasted game invites.

Mr. H came home from his week in Colorado 
not really surprised with my deactivation.
(really, I've been talking about deleting for years)
My  mother was under the impression that I was deleting it forever
and was surprised when I said I'd be back on at some point.
Mr. H suggested a one month absence
so that's what I'm going for.

In the first two days, I was asked two questions about things either I had posted or that others had posted--information I needed and would be easily, quickly retrieved from my facebook. 
Gah. I would have to correspond by emails.

01.16.13 Miss N, adorably smooshing her drippy nose on the plexiglass gate 
By day three, I needed to get in touch with a couple of people--my primary mode of communication with which has always been facebook. I felt a little bit annoyed with the inconvenience. 

There have been many moments where my first thought has been to post the thought/funny story/question/request/ photo/idea/link on facebook. This experience has been alarming to take note of. I am realizing just how addicted I had become to the instant feedback (affirmations, comments, compliments, correspondence, camaraderie)  that facebook can provide.

I don't have very many alerts
 on my phone anymore
which means by day 4, I look at it a lot less.

I have read more children's books, noticed more new words come out of N's little mouth, put together more puzzles, sang more songs, danced more silly dances with J, paid more attention to my Mr.,  taken more candid photos with my camera (instead of with my phone), and best of all--I have looked into my children's eyes MORE. It's not that I wasn't doing any of those things before...just now I am doing them more consciously. I am trying to be more present in my parenting, wifery and in my own be-ing. I put this sign up in my hallway--it is a wonderful reminder to me. 

My Mom told me about a seeing an interview recently with a woman who wrote a book about going without make up for a year. She suggested I write one about going off facebook 
for a year. I don't know about going off for an entire year...

...but this is me 
reporting in from the first four days
of my facebook fast.

Tchau for now!

Status lines I might have written over the last 4 days:

"Just saw a man in (in his 50's) out jogging on our street. It is -4 degrees."

"There is something ironic about the day you deactivate your facebook account corresponding directly with the first time your husband has updated his status from on a business trip--EVER."

"Welcome back to my heart, Downton"

"From my 4 year old: "You look SO handsome, Mama. Mostly like a princess."

"Going to Church by myself was equal parts lonely (missed my kiddos--home sick w/Daddy) and uplifting (I heard every single word of the inspiring talks/lessons)"

"First chiropractor adjustment. Apparently one of my legs is longer than the other."

Photos I might have posted over the last 4 days:

-All three in fleecy pajamas cuddled around Daddy on the couch reading "Goodnight Moon"

-Miss N with her hair all spiked after bath time

-Little hands working puzzles

-Miss N getting into drawers, pulling EVERYTHING out

-N showing off his made nose-blowing skillz

-J showing off his head standing skillz

-my arms cuddling sick little ones

Interesting side note:

You can either delete your account or deactivate it. When you delete your FB account, everything is gone--forever. If you decided to come back, you would have to start over again. If you deactivate your account, whenever you decide to log in again (same username & password), everything will be as it was when you deactivated. I thought it was funny that when I deactivated, the screen showed photos of my FB friends and saying "So-and-so will miss you if you deactivate"  by all of their names. Also some convincing line about not deactivating...and then to list a reason why. I said, "I am going on a facebook fast" and checked the box that said something to the affect of "I'll be back again later".


Miles said...

The woman that went a year w/o make-up was fascinating; especially how others ciewed and treated her. I have never worn make up.. Makes me wonder how I'd be treated if I did. We live in such a crazy world!

Stay stong. And, really

Miles said...

... Why go back? There will be time After kids!

Linda said...

I appreciate the need to become UN-addicted to things. Technology is so wonderful, with so many pitfals! Proud of your efforts! Your family will WIN! ( but I would have enjoyed every one of those updates you mentioned! )

Emily said...

Good job! You inspired me to be on fb a lot less...maybe I'll even deactivate someday! :)