Thankful Thursday: January 17th, 2013

Good morning, Thursday!

Right now: my favorite type of snowflake is falling
you know...fat, fluffy, & festive...
twirling in a furry
just like when little hands excitedly shake a snow globe.
I love you, winter.

Right now: my favorite man is popping his fingers
keeping his toes toasty with a space heater
and crunching numbers and statistics for his safety conscious reporting. I love you, man.

Right now: my favorite redhead is lounging in his pajamas,
belly full of oatmeal he is watching a "morning show"
I love you, pbs kids.

Right now: my favorite 2 year old is munching on oranges and making a huge awesome juicy mess. 
I love you, IKEA bibs.

Right now: my favorite baby girl is smiling with four little teeth as she devours her breakfast bananas and slurps on her sippy cup.
I love you, almond milk.

Right now: I'm coughing and groggy but feeling grateful...and it's time to list it out!
I love you, Thursdays.

I'm Thankful For:

-the hum of our fireplace, dishwasher, and dryer (not necessarily all at the same time)
-the minutes of me-time when I take my shower (even if it happens in the PM instead of the ideal AM)
-visiting teaching (being visited and visiting!)
-thoughtful friends (several have reached out to me after not seeing me on facebook: 'are you ok?')
-my willing, hard working, awesome Mr. who tag teams late nights with sick kids
-our back yard filled with white snow
-my childrens' creativity and curiosity
-our beautiful, free country (despite our challenges, we are blessed!)
-frozen lakes & the people who look so graceful skating upon them
-Christmas cards arriving in January
-white board calendars (and google calendar too)
-friendly, informative, not-pushy chiropractor
-strong, growing baby girl (1 yr appt was on Monday)
-Miss N's happy attitude, even when she's got a runny nose
-N's new ability to blow his nose (heavenly!)
-J's willing helpfulness around the house (he folds, he puts away, he makes beds, he cleans up...)
-my body--a gift from God, trying to take better care of it!
-reminders that life is what we make of it
-the perfect example of our Savior--and His peace as we make it through the challenges and triumphs of this life

Stay warm, healthy,...and Thankful!

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Linda said...

thankful for the SUN today, finally!