"Tchau for Now" Review {Facebook Fast: 18 days}

It's almost been three weeks
since I deactivated my facebook account.

I told Mr. H & he said
"really? only three weeks?"

I agree--it feels like
2 months...3 months?

Mr. H gives me random updates
from his logged-on perch
his cousin's bridal shower,
a friend's father passed away,
someone's birthday reminder,
someone else's cute baby photo,
weather updates from around the country, 
news or advice articles shared

Some of these I really do want to know about
and those are the ones I am missing most.

The updates that a friend needs an extra prayer or comforting word. The photo that makes me smile and add a little comment. The request for help or advice or the shared article of uplift and hope or a cause worth sharing. 

I no longer search for my FB app icon on my phone,
and I've found other was to get in touch with people.

I do sometimes take photos on my phone with the intent share...but then realize I can't instantly upload them to the sharing-est place of I send them to Mr. H's phone instead.

Photo I took of myself to send to the Mr.
when he was out of town...might have made it on FB.

Boys helping wash sweet potatoes--most definitely would have made it on Instagram/FB.

Miss N's little piggie tales--might have made in on FB

Below is a prime example of a photo I took with the purpose of sharing and commenting.
Since I won't be posting it on FB, I'll share here:

Beach towels & chairs at the front entrance at Costco--in Minnesota--during one of the coldest winters in years:

At Costco on an 8 degree afternoon---really? 

All in all, I think the goal of being more PRESENT is going well. I am finding a balance with time that is more consistent with who I am trying to become and tasks I am wanting to complete. I have not finished any major projects, nor tackled a super cool pinterest craft...but I have less clutter in my mind and I am less attached to the endless stream of updates. 
It feels good.

Status updates that might have been posted over the last week:

-J just told me he wants his stuffed ferret to be at his wedding, holding a sparkler
-Chiro update: my leg is shorter AND my shoulders are lopsided in addition to a mild case of scoliosis.
-Showing your kids how to catch snowflakes with their tongue=awesome
-Time for turbo tax!
-Eating super healthy during the winter is not for me--must.bake.cookies.
-Turned our New Years tree into a Valentine's tree. Don't judge.
-Nothing better than coming in from running errands on a cold day to find your house clean, warm, and three little pajama-clad darlings all smiling and screaming "Mama!Mama!Mama!"

And from last night:
-The stomach flu (we assume is the culprit?) has inducted into real life parenting--4 changed bedding/outfits & baths/showers between the hours of 1am-4am...all from one little person.


Emily said...

I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work. I am seriously thinking of doing the same. I love the "would be status updates." :)

Jackie said...

Valentines day tree!! Best idea ever! Wish I had thought of that before I had taken down the tree! Now I have a space in our house that seems empty! I did however finally decide to take down our Christmas wreath...I guess being up for 2 Christmas plus a spring/summer/fall in between was just too much for one little wreath! :)