Thankful Thursday: January 31, 2013

Only thirty minutes left to say 
"Good Morning"
on the very last day of 

This month is always a rush
falling off the platform of the holidays
and into a freezing, wintry landscape.

Some of us hobble down,
others zoom right past--taking the new year with stride
most of us do a bit of both,
as we find our footing 
through newly crystalized goals & plans.

I am still figuring it all out
and tomorrow we'll begin again!
Oh February!

For now, let's talk January Thanks.

I'm Thankful For:

-a working furnace! (-18° windchill currently)
-a functional & efficient-enough washer & dryer (after a night of stomach flu, we did many loads of bedding/clothes!)
-my Mr., whose hard work in all areas of his life is inspiring
-friends who remind me of who I am becoming
-hot showers (skipped one yesterday)
-quick phone calls/google chats with my brothers
-ward temple night (date night!)
-family fun in the snow (hide & seek! snow angels! sledding!)
-hot chocolate mustaches on my boys
-N's exploding vocabulary
-J's colorful artistry
-Miss N's gleeful peek-a-boo giggles
-Monday mornings
-sleep-in mornings (a perk of the Mr.'s home office weeks)
-scrambled eggs
-I Spy books
-healing coconut oil
-notes in the mail
-our borrowed snow blower & Mr. H's time outside using it
-my contentment in staying inside for days at a time
-family scripture time
-chances to repent and change
-my Mom's soothing voice
-Messages like this one that make me smile

Added Bonus:
J: "Hey Mom, 
are you writing things
 you are thankful for again? 
...Me too!"

-Mommy & Daddy
-our Church
-Heavenly Father & Jesus
-animals at the zoo...I love going to the zoo

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