Thankful Thursday: March 14, 2013

It's Thursday, yes it is!

The sky is bright here in Minnesotaland 
& we are happy that spring will be here ...

...some day! 

For now, we're still surrounded by crunchy layers of quilted snow. Two more inches last night...but melting by the scoop-full. 

Mr. H is preparing our Thursday night tilapia feast
and the kids are waking from their late afternoon naps.
Time's a tickin'...

I'm Thankful For:

-sunshine & minimal wind (playing outside in the snow/swinging today!)
-downtime with friends (& stories to share)
-lentil recipes (we've made crockpot lentil chili twice this week!)
-the color yellow (makes me smile)
-Mr. H's hard work & willingness to sacrifice for our family
-Mr. H's raise that just about evens out the new taxes taken out
-crafty dreams
-lazy pajama mornings with my 3 (and the cuddliest 15 month old EVER)
-two pairs of blue eyes & two pairs of green eyes
-the quick-to-forgive nature of children
-days when I mark things off my list!
-fulfilling, serving, busy Sundays
-Trader Joe's fun & energetic atmosphere
-our generous friends who let us borrow their nailer (for the replacing trim project that continues...)
-melting lakes
-library books
-cold/flu-free weeks!
-surprise packages
-snoring babies

That's all for feeling thankful today?


Miles said...

Woot! Yea for a raise!

Kendra said...

Guess you were wrong - Trevor DID get a raise too! And I'm sure he deserved it! And I hope your temps keep going up and you get to enjoy more sunshine!

Kendra said...

Oh. And a big yay for cold/flu free weeks! This winter has been brutal!