Thankful Thursday: March 21st, 2013

Got to make this quick...
the clock seems to be ticking twice as fast as usual today, 
(just ask my friend who came over & I was still in the shower!)
I'm behind at every corner!

But I'm thankful!

From this last usual...I'm Thankful For:

-clean sheets!
-organized laundry piles (all clean, some folded...)
-texting with my Mr.
-raspberry cream cheese frosting (seriously. delish.)
-snow boots
-my brothers (I have three. They are each amazing)
-scarves on the first day of spring (-13 windchill here that day)
-coordinating our greens on St. Patrick's day
-the Relief Society women's organization (171 years!)
-my Mom's example of charity & love
-the beautiful women in my life who inspire me
-opportunities to share my experiences with others
-smiling friends
-moments of confidence & calm
-opportunities to apologize & change
-surprises on my doorstep
-leaving surprises on others' doorsteps
-my 50mm lens
-giggly stories with my babies
-making cookies with my family
-the fireplace on wintry Minnesota nights (in the spring...)
-playing the piano (plunking?) for my family to sing on Sundays
-the gospel of Jesus Christ
-assurances of peace and hope
-this weekly ritual of pondering the many things for which I am grateful

What 'boutchyou?

1 comment:

Emily Johnson said...

Agreed. Raspberry cream cheese frosting is seriously delish. How did you make it? And did you add pudding or something to the lemon cupcakes to make them so moist? Whatever you did, they were really yummy. Thanks for sharing.