Thankful Thursday: All of April 2013

April...what a whirlwind month!

We were gone for most of it, but wow what a great trip!

Our 2nd annual spring trip South was full of quality family time, good (really good) food, unexpected adventures, sweet moments, fantastic memories, gorgeous weather, and more. 

I will blog about it on the family blog as soon as I can wrap my brain around it. (This happened to me last year too--the thought of blogging it all bogged me down!)

I'm Thankful For:

Thursday, April 4th
-happy, easy-travelling kids (only stopped 3 times the entire 13 hour drive)
-our swagger wagon (the only way to travel)
-awesome co-pilot Mr. H
-visits with grands, great-grands, cousins, aunts & uncles
-signs of SPRING!
-4 wheeler rides
-sleeping in on vacation
-snuggling with Miss N
-cuddling with Mr. N
-laughing with J
-my kids faces when they have been running outside in the sun
-watching the kids discover "life in the country" & enjoying the green grass
-new toys & spoiling from grands
-time with old friends
-hangin' out in Trevor's childhood home
-listening to stories from way back when
-walking through memory lane & showing the kids places of our 'story'
-spending time with Trevor's siblings
-moments captured with the camera on my phone
-a few FIRSTS for us & the kids (shooting, fishing...)
-an awesome week with our Kentucky family
-visiting the Paducah ward & seeing familiar faces
-spending Easter Sunday with the H family
-our Savior's resurrection

Thursday, April 11th
-absolutely fantastic guidance, inspiration, & lessons shared with us during 4 general sessions of Conference (and the opportunity to watch & soak it up in my parents' living room)
-walks around the block
-bike rides!
-Mr. H's willingness to give his time & energy to my Dad to help with house projects
-delicious salads made by Mom (front porch lunches!)
-relaxing in my parents' house
-spending time with my brother Spencer
-the ever-helpful Dr. Lynn & Pam Bryan (J knocked his two front teeth!)
-J's fun with grandmama--just the two of them
-the fun toys at Grandmama's house (from my childhood!)
-family videos
-the blessing of good family

Thursday, April 18th 
-homemade bread
-soft rain drops
-park playdates
-sunshine afternoons
-hats & sunscreen
-bike rides
-sand boxes
-beautiful flowers
-Church in my home ward (oh the memories!)
-shopping with Mom (Cato! Marti & Liz!)
-new earrings (owl-shout out to Granny)
-old photo albums
-sunset picnics with Spencer & my parents
-late night talks & laughs
-walk-in clinics (N's 104° temperature solved: strep + ear infection!)

Thursday, April 25th
-my hardworking packer-upper and unloader: Mr. H
-safe travels
-busy goodbyes
-quiet last visits
-our breaths of fresh spring air before coming back to winter
-our own home!
-the many gifts we came home with (we are spoiled!)
-massages from Mr. H
-great friends who follow promptings to serve
-chiro visits (back problems)
-patient children (no I can't pick you up right now...)
-answered prayers
-scripture time
-reminders of blessings
-Trevor's weekends home

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Miles said...

Oh my goodness! So much gratitude! I'm anxious for the full story on J's teeth, owww. Love your thankful posts.