Thankful Thursday: May 2nd & 10th 2013

Oh, sweet May.

You have brought calming breezes and sun shining afternoons. Spring has finally sprung in Minnesota and we are so grateful. 
 We are glad to be home and figure out our place in this new month-- excited for plans and goals of the summer that is just around the corner! 

Catching up {again} 
here we have two weeks in one drop!

I'm Thankful For:

Thursday, May 2nd 
-my favorite time of year: anytime the windows can be open :)
-the chirping conversations outside my window on Monday morning
-the gentle tickles of raindrops on Sunday night
-little boy giggles outside in the mud
-my hardworking Mr. H (with our 3 week vacay (included 1 week hard work for my Dad & 1 week working for his job) + his busy work travels = he was only home for 3 days in April)
-sister-friends to share a day in my world
-oxyclean (& "mud soup")
-dinner with one of my favorites
-positive affirmations "your body can heal itself"
-sweet 2 year old prayers
-darling 4 year old explanations
-tender 16 month old kisses

Thursday, May 9th
-healing stretches
-quality time with friends (and a Mr. who sends me off as soon as he gets in the house from being gone all week)
-new freckles
-accomplishing goals (run or dye 5k!)
-understanding angels
-quality doctors (and tests to prove it)
-days to heal and sleep (stomach flu)
-friends who step in to serve & love
-finding humility in challenges
-reminders of truth (RS temple day)
-enchiladas with friends
-the motivation to clean our house (& my Mr. who is the best cleaning partner EVER)
-remembering where we were 11 years ago (mission call)
-all of our many, many blessings

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