Thankful Thursday: May 23, 2013

It's Thursday--
the sun is shining
AND setting
{and I have 8 minutes until the sweet potato fries reach their crispy perfection}

The is stretching over to that horizon
{in the left corner of the window above my sink}
the ball of light seems tired from a long day of sunbeams, bright rays, & glaring moments.

I am stretching also, having burned through the last two weeks with the Mr. busy working...
Like the sun, I am tired from long days of sunbeams, bright rays & glaring moments.

The sun & I.
Tired, shining & thankful for Thursdays.

I'm Thankful For:

-the dollar section at Target
-people that smile & wave
-memories to hold on to
-jacket weather (I kind of love it)
-Yankee candles
-the perspective of experience
-phone dates
-feeling cared for
-Mr. H getting home safe & sound 
-Mr. H mowing the scruffy grass
-Miss N's walking courage
-Mr. N's many words
-Mr. J's excitement for...everything
-swinging afternoons
-lazy mornings
-freshly baked banana bread
-sweet cuddles & book reading by candle light
-snail mail
-thank you's
-scratch n' sniff stickers (oh! the nostalgia!) 
-chats in Portuguese
-dreams in paradise
-welcome home hugs
-steps on memory lane
-rain checks
-opportunities to stop, listen, act, & be
-crossing off the lists
-giving myself a break when nothing gets crossed off
-polka dotted shoes
-the healing power of time
-little pigtails
-little finger paintings
-little counting sounds
-the big sun that gives us energy & light
-the Son of all that offers hope & love

Feeling it. And the buzzer is going off--sweet potato time at my house! You--Thankful much?

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