Thankful Thursday: May 30, 2013

You know the phrase: "April showers bring May flowers"? Well, here in Minnesota we have 
"April snows bring May showers & flowers"

We've had lots of rainstorms {love}
and our trees, grass, & flowers are just as thrilled.
The thunder & lightening has been masterful
and the sunsets stunning.

We have {mostly}recovered from our Spring Trip South 
though I have yet to blog it
Mr. H has spent a LOT of time on the road,
we have been working on our privacy fence project,
& we have enjoyed our first springtime in our very own home {especially impressed with our lilac blooms}.

I'm Thankful For:

-cool morning breezes
-the slow start of mosquitoes this year
-the sweet wafting lilac scents from our purple bouquets
-a good nights' sleep
-polka dots
-washable paints
-the ever-awesome Minnesota Children's Museum (and our proximity to the place)
-great friends
-expectations that push us further
-our happily serving bird feeders
-Mr. H's home week & his hard work on our fence project
-kind neighbors
-people who are organized and share their expertise
-understanding hugs
-friends to watch my kids
-thunder storms
-green grass
-sweet toddler prayers
-awesome preschool stories
-impressive new-walker balance
-morning crafty time
-evening quiet time
-inspiring reads
-skype & calls with family
-recovering runny noses
-the power of positive energy

Feeling grateful for this month o' May today.

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