Thankful Thursday: July {out of town} Roundup 2013

My July roundup--three weeks worth
 right here, folks!

I'm Thankful For:

Thursday, July 11th

-a week of trip prep to make the whole thing less crazy
-a kind, volunteering time friend to watch the kids while we pack the van
-Mr. H's job that requires him to travel, thus allowing him to have a working-vacay & providing some of the accommodations, food, & travel expenses
-safe driving days {to Iowa, Nebraska, & Colorado}
-cell phones
-cameras (media cards!)
-hotel swimming pools & continental breakfasts
-bunjee cords (how else will our bags stay organized?)
-Sonic happy hour
-family hugs
-the Plan of Salvation
-courage and calm during loss
-flexibility to change and re-change plans
-my Mom who has been available to find things online for us while we drove
-little sleeping faces
-our first aid kit (first big scrapes today!)
-breathtaking views
-the angels that surrounded our almost 30 hours of travel in 3 days
-safe arrivals every night
-happy travellors

Thursday, July 18th
-arrival in the Salt Lake valley (felt like it took 2 weeks!)
-wonderful friends & family who hosted our stays this week
-seeing my kids awe the first time they saw the SLC temple
-finally receiving our toiletry bag & learning a valuable lesson: always ALWAYS double-triple check the hotel before you drive 10 hours away (fedex drama...over!)
-Jdawgs hot dogs & cousin time
-late nights & cousin time
-Mr. H's working days 
-good kids to cart around from place to place to place
-Spanish Fork Sunday night dinner (oh the memories!)
-splash pads, swimming pools, and watching my kids become friends with my college roommates' kids
-Cafe' Rio meetup
-Costco dark chocolate covered coconut almonds
-picnics, parks, and sunglasses
-getting checked in with family in our Park City condo
-reunion energy
-having almost all of my family in town together
-blessings of family

Thursday, July 25th
-successful & fun reunion activities
-new bonds made and old ones firmed up
-cutest nephews ever
-our home base being close to so many options
-easy going kids
-late night chats
-talented, inspiring family members
-family history stories and spiritual warriors
-waffles by Dad
-hot tub nights
-cousin laughs
-hugging goodbyes
-historic stops & snap shots (Randolph, Woodruff, Cooke City)
-sunshine and clear water lakes
-stunning beauty in Yellowstone
-the power of nostalgia
-the joy of playing in the creek
-logging memories across our journey, our stay in UT, and finally our last big stop: MT
-hearing the stories from my Dad and being able to record them to have forever
-extra gigs of media memory
-Mr. H's willingness to snap photos all along the way
-healthy, happy kids
-going 'off the grid' and loving it

The last three weeks have been intense--
full of unexpected adjustments
and pre-planned awesomeness.

I am grateful, above all, 
for a loving God's guidance
as we travelled in safety, 
making memories for our little family
that will be etched into our hearts 
and shared among generations
(after all, I am still sharing MY stories from my family's 1985 epic trip West...)

I'm Thankful for the strong leaders 
and faithful families in my ancestry
{Wagstaff & Jackson sides}
of whom we heard many stories of sacrifice and love...
we saw the trees they planted years ago 
and felt the power of their conviction and willingness 
to do what it takes to get things done.

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