Thankful Thursday: August 1st, 2013

Oh sweet August
your arrival ebbs to shore just as July flows back to sea

Our cross-country sail boat has anchored safely at home
and last-minute To-Do lists begin again
and bucket lists too...
we have the entirety of this 8th month
left of our summatime
and we're going to ride the waves 
as long as they'll carry us
our family o' five.

Welcoming August and farewell to July

I'm Thankful For:
-Cooke City magic (there is something awesome about sharing childhood memories with your own children)
-napping littles
-waterfall hikes
-not seeing any bears up close (bear tracks, yes)
-Mr. H's work & bringing dinner to the cabin for us
-the great-Aunts who keep things hoppin' at Paradise Acres
-'family discounts'
-Montana fresh air (not so much thankful for the biting flies and swarming mosquitoes)
-efficient packing and loading...and on our way again
-tire fixed just down the road from the place we realized it was going flat (nail in it) and the exact cash needed for payment
-tender mercies all along our trip
-crossing off Mt. Rushmore on our epic trip West bucket list
-surviving 4,113.1 total miles (5 hotels, 3 friend/family homes, 1 Bear Hollow condo, 1 Paradise Acres cabin, 8 states, weekend reunion, 4 media cards full of photos/videos, trails, hikes, horse rides, waterfalls, splash pads, lakes, games, dinners, late nights, picnic stops, bright sunshine, Dinosaur Museum, Colorado National Monument, Yellowstone Park, Bear Lake, Park City Alpine Slide, Mt. Rushmore, Temple Square, Provo Temple, Idaho Falls Temple, Rexburg Temple, BYU-Provo, BYU-Idaho, Wheeler Park, Ensign Peak, Family history stops (Kamas, Randolph, Woodruff, Cooke City, Bridger, Belfry), and much...much more)
-happy (for the most part), healthy travelers and not having back pains 'till the very last day
-our home in good order upon late night arrival
-welcome home card in the mail
-our well-functioning washer/dryer (getting a work out)
-morning cuddles in our very own beds
-our neighborhood parks
-quiet, cloudy Minnesota mornings
-inside tents engineered by my boys
-little girl giggles
-late night talks with my Mr. (doesn't happen often, we're usually zonked out)
-perspective shifts
-dinners outside
-groceries in my fridge (!!)
-playgroup today with friends
-the beginning of a new month (and an awesome bag of memories from the last)

That's it y'all! July is ovah. Feeling thankful much?

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Miles said...

Holy cow! I hope those 4 media cards make it on the blog :)

So glad you had safe and fun travels!!