August 1st --7th: World Breastfeeding Week

I wanted to write a long post about 
how I've struggled through, learned about, 
and become passionate about breastfeeding.

However: we just got back from a three week trip,
I'm potty training my almost-3-year old,
catching up with the mountains of laundry,
and fighting the stacks on my desk

I would like to quickly share 
3 thoughts about breastfeeding:

--> almost always comes with challenges
Challenges are typical and there are many places to find answers & support--seek them out early! Surprisingly (to me), even after 'mastering' breastfeeding with your first baby, you can still have new challenges with that same nursling and/or future babies

{seek out your local lalecheleague, a lactation consultant, review websites like kellymom to find answers to questions, or  talk to any passionate-about-breastfeeding friend/sister/cousin for questions & consultation }

--> a mother will be more successful with support
which is part of the theme of this year's WBW--
"Even when mothers are able to get off to a good start, all too often in the weeks or months after delivery there is a sharp decline in breastfeeding rates, 
and practices, particularly exclusive breastfeeding."
(see above support options)

--> the time spent together becomes cherished 
one-on-one time for mother & baby to bond with the added benefit of the best nourishment that can be given to a growing child
(or maybe this should be worded the other way around)

Nursing 2 mo. old Miss N at the Mall of America after my birthday dinner date {Feb 2012}

I began my breastfeeding experience 
five years ago, with a book in hand and lactation consultant's number on speed dial. At  home with my newborn, I set up a "lactation station" with a shelf by my rocker stocked with breastfeeding books, a water bottle, wet cloths to wake my sleepy newborn to keep him eating, nipple ointment, and a log book to keep track of feeding times and lengths. 

While I have worked for & enjoyed the opportunity to exclusively breastfeed all 3 of my children, I recognize and respect that every woman has to figure out the best way and time frame for breastfeeding her baby. I also understand that there are circumstances when breastfeeding isn't a viable option. My mother, for example, breastfed all of her newborns for a short time and ended up switching to formula to nourish her growing babies.

I am grateful for the challenges and triumphs in breastfeeding that have helped mold me into more confident and capable 
and woman.

Nursing 19 mo. old Miss N at Clarks Fork Falls in Montana last week {July 2013}

What about you? 
Did (does) your breastfeeding experience include challenges? 
How did you resolve them?

If you are currently nursing a babe 
and want to be involved in this year's "Big Latch On"
to find a location near you!  I'll be attending one 
here in the Twin Cities for the 2nd year in a row!


Miles said...

I was wondering how Miss N was doing with nursing. So glad she's obviously doing well. I love that you're both enjoying it and keeping at it. You're a perfect role model in overcoming challenges and obstacles to make what you wanted happen!

Emily said...

You are awesome! And I LOVE that picture! said...

Hi Shara, I've been meaning to come back and ask you this question, finally got to it. Can you recommend a good nursing bra? I could not wait for Alice to turn 1 and then I could burn these horrible bras I have. Well, I threw them out but she is not interested in weaning yet so I still nurse her but I can't stand nursing while wearing a regular bra. I have yet to find one I like. What do you do? I need a supportive bra and they all seem so flimsy. Plus, when I went in to get these they told me to get a big one and I listened to them. I shouldn't have listened! I know from my first baby that I don't get any bigger than my normal size while I'm nursing. Help! I hate walking around looking like I'm not even wearing a bra. I need to be prepared for next time! said...

Ok, so you can email me your wisdom at :)