Thankful Thursdays: August 29th, 2013

Dark sky above
crickets song below
sleeping sighs in my house
night lights aglow

It's Thursday night--thank heavens!

I'm Thankful For:

-white boards
-quality time with visiting family 
-closed doors and open windows
-sunset by the Mississippi with a friend
-maxi skirts
-pony tails on hot days
-service-oriented Mr. H (a move on a humid Saturday morning)
-love notes
-breezes to take the edge off (it's been hot up here!)
-lawn chairs & hamburgers (with friends!)
-ways to simplify
-the unknown, uncounted prayers of those around you
-needed hugs
-words of affirmation
-peace from prayer
-ways to find unity in purpose
-the ease of research (potty training techniques? fruit fly catchers? best local parks?)
-newborn babies (congrats E & B!)
-fall scents (despite the heat wave)
-the moments I can capture on my Nikon
-backyard pool splashes (with friends!)
-last minute friend invites
-reminders to look for those who need attention
-9 years with my Mr.
-surprises at my doorstep (roses! choco covered strawberries!)
-tender love notes for anniversary week
-a surprise in my pocket
-the dynamic between our littles right now: magical
-generous friends who serve with a smile
-peaceful assurances along the way (between good & good--those choices are hard for me!)
-our new pet (fish: Shiny)
-Miss N's sprawled out sleeping pose & peanut butter hair
-Mr. N's success in potty training & brave jumps
-Mr. J's helping hands & puzzle challenges
-the opportunity to choose
-my Mom
-rediscovering how to braid my hair
-the coolest chalk board on the block (not biased or anything)
-good people doing good things
-uplifting music to start my day

And you? Feeling it?

1 comment:

Emily Johnson said...

I'm so grateful for newborn babies, too...and for a friend who takes pictures reminding me what a beautiful miracle a baby is.