Thankful Thursday: September 5, 2013

New month!
New goals!
New plans!

It's September, yes it is.

I love this time of year...a touch o' fog in the mornings, 
cooler temperatures in the evenings...
the pre-fall feeling is here and the school supplies line the shelves in all of their yellow penciled fabulousness!

Most of the schools here in the 'Land o' Lakes' started on Tuesday.
And we've been busy...we start next Monday.
 More on that later. 

For now...

I'm Thankful for:

-leftover beauty of anniversary surprises
-Mr. H finally getting home after a long week away
-sleep in Saturdays
-answered prayers on Sundays
-opportunities to teach
-calm vibes from encouraging people
-envelopes with my name on them
-hugs from my littles
-support & love from my parents
-labor day on the garage!
-Mr. H's mad cleaning skills
-our backyard haven
-To Do lists
-my ergo carrier (up & down flights of stairs at a waterfall--Miss N was happy & my back was too!)
-the beauties around us here in Minnesota
-family walks
-lunch & dinners--outside!
-meeting new friends
-exploring new places
-getting things done as a family
-Target $1 section
-time to sit down and read
-down time with my man
-races with the boys
-watching the kids come up with ideas & execute their dream into reality
-learning how to love more 
-J's dinosaur facts
-N's made up songs
-Miss N's new words
-my life--the ups & downs--I'm grateful

That's it for me. You? 
Feeling grateful this first week o' September?

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