Thankful Thursday: October 31, 2013

The last day of October
The much anticipated hallows eve
{A busy and high energy day
at homes of children far & wide}

Our pumpkin was moldy
but our joy was full 
as we followed our shadows
in weather quite cool

We made our rounds with
 a redheaded rocket, 
a green-eyed dinosaur, 
and a tiara-wearing dancer.

Then we reviewed our spoils and talked about what an awesome month we've enjoyed. Our jackets and gloves came out of hiding, our fireplace warmed our toes, and our adventures were many.

And I am thankful!

I'm Thankful For:

-safe & happy night time fun with friends
-apples & oranges
-hot apple cider (and caramel hot chocolate)
-warm gloves
-hugs with friends
-visits from dear ones
-people who smile
-seasonal spices
-pancakes for dinner
-skype with loved ones
-soft glow of lights
-reading time with my littles
-shiny kitchen sink
-Miss N's new words: "watch!" "Daddy!" "pancake/cupcakes"
-J's new reading skills
-N's need for cuddling with his Mama
-Mr. H's job & coordinating a family visit in Kentucky
-late night chats
-friends who jump in when needed
-the free play time my children enjoy (together!)
-endless amounts of information at my fingertips
-our glider rocker (late nights with coughing kids)
-little kisses
-finger paints
-bubbles in the bathtub
-blankets a' plenty
-a loving Father in Heaven

Ok! October is done. Did you have fun?

Tomorrow starts November...and NaBloPoMo!

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