November 1st {hello again, NaBloPoMo!}

Today is the first day of a new month.

Not just any ol' new month...but November. A month who hugs the landscape with swift grasps of cool air and coaxes leaves from their highest stations. A month that tugs on scarves and winks playfully at red nosed outdoor adventurers. A month that confidently pounds a stamp of 'official' on the status in which we were already basking: fall.

For my family, November includes three special birthdays (my brother B + both of my parents)--which begs reason to pull out the confetti and chants. There are fall-themed festivals to attend, football games to watch, and traditional (comfort!) food to prepare. There are winding roads to travel, dear loved ones to hug, and tall candles to light. 

November's embraces seem to encompass 
all that we love in the fabulous season of fall--
family, festivities, & food.

 To celebrate this very first day of November, we sat down together, devoured marshmallow-topped pumpkin pancakes, and looked at our calendar to make new plans. 

Beautifully and wonderfully--beyond the spiced goodies & holidays, we recognize our favorite element of this brand new month is the life-enhancing focus on the power of thankfulness.

I have kept a thankful Thursday log for several years--I recognize the good it does for my consistent need for perspective clarification. In addition to my weekly lists, our family goal is to record daily thankful thoughts in our family journal and with much excitement, we decided that tonight, our 2nd annual Thanksgiving tree will be assembled. 

What are your Friday plans?

Every day in November!  NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. Write a post on your blog every day in November. For the 3rd year, I've decided to tackle this challenge & enjoy the opportunity to switch to writing mode. Want to join me? Leave your blog link in the comments so I can follow you too! 


Linda said...

I wish November lasted a whole two months!

Emily Johnson said...

How is your Thanksgiving tree coming? Is it up and stunning? :)