Let Every Heart Receive Him Room

I have a dear friend who works as a hospice nurse. She knows the stages through which a person must pass as their mortal life is ending; she has nurtured her God given gift to ease pains, show compassion, and offer comfort to loved ones. She has expressed to me the fulfillment and joy she feels as she serves others in their last experiences in mortal life. I have often wondered how she could feel joy as her work tiptoes on the narrow edge between life and death.

Today I had the unexpected opportunity to visit a woman who is currently sitting on that edge. Her body is tired of the many fighting years and now cancer is wearing it's winning ribbon in the shadows. I calmly said hello and 'nice to meet you' --the words sounded hollow and seemed to echo as they came out of my mouth. I wanted to say something beautiful and profound, but beautiful words did not come.

Her head is bald from the chemotherapy; she smiled and replied as best she could "nice to meet you", her half-closed eyes manifest her exhaustion. Last week she was a working mother, this week she is in a specialized care facility. In this room, there was no indication of her life, her loves, or the passions that gave her purpose.  There is a gold necklace on her neck--I only noticed because as she let out a shallow breath, it moved and caught the light.

I came to sing to her. My voice isn't trained or above average in any way, but it is mine and I can share it. My friend followed the prompting this morning that we should go there together. My friend is very good at listening to those promptings and acting. I want to be more like my angel friend. 

I explained to our sick sister that today was only November 2nd but I was so excited about holiday music, would she mind if we sang a Christmas hymn or two? She breathed out: 'ok', and closed her eyes as if she were preparing to listen to a performance from a masterful vocal ensemble.

Joy to the world
the Lord is come!

Let earth receive
her King!

Let every heart
receive Him room...

It became difficult for me to focus on singing as my eyes were now wet. I stammered through the chorus and time seemed to stop. I recognized a rush of warmth in the confirmation that, though there is much suffering in this world--there is joy in Christ. We can open our hearts to make room for Him. 

Or, as I experienced today--following a prompting to go into a room can open hearts.

My friend thanked this sweet soul for letting us stop by for a quick visit, and she said in a barely there whisper "you're welcome." It is unlikely that I will see her again before she passes, but I will not soon forget the joy I felt in singing by her side. 

Also? I'm pretty sure there were angels singing with us.

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Katie Bradley said...

Beautiful, Shara, thank you for sharing.

Lisa Puga said...

Have I ever told you how glad I am you moved here? I'm glad. Real glad! :)

Laura said...

Thank you for following the promptings! Can you just picture Heavenly Father saying "That's my girl!"? I can.

Emily Johnson said...

This brings tears to my eyes. You, too, are an angel friend.

Linda said...

It reminded me of how you sang to your investigators on your mission and how the spirit does sing with you! You have a lovely voice, btw!
It is yours!