All By Herself

For months she has been squawking like a bird (pterodactyl-esque) to get your attention.

Now, she says "ehchts"= watch me!

For months she called him "Mommy!"

Now, she says "Daddy! Daddy!"

For months she made vowel sounds and pointed.

Now, she says "bobo (elbow)! tees (teeth)! eyes! does (toes)! "beebo (belly button)!"

For months she has been picking out her clothes.

Now, she tries to put them on all by herself.

Crisp fall evening with my girl: 11.03.13

This girl is growing fast. She is learning new ideas, concepts, and movements every day. For example, her brothers taught her the techniques of spinning in circles the last week. She has cheerleaders around her everywhere she goes.

Her world is busy with singing, dancing, book reading, chanting, climbing, jumping, falling, pushing, shoving, creating, building, breaking, hiding, seeking, laughing, and of course--plenty of tears in between. 

Sometimes think about how different her world is from my first almost-2 year old...who lived in a small, very quiet house with a few little baskets of toys, not much on the schedule, and just the two of us. 

She doesn't get much time all by herself, this little lady. And for me--I  cherish the daily pockets of one-on-one time with her, even if it means she is jumping down to show me that she can do it...all by herself.

. . .

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Linda said...

she is a little lady isn't she!? so cute that pic!